How to Write an Outline for Your Novel

Every author has their own system of planning before they write a novel. And if you haven’t got a plan yet, now’s the time to make one.

If you are not writing your novel for an editor and are only writing for your own pleasure then there is absolutely no right or wrong way of planning for your work.

A novel outline is basically just the plan that you create before actually starting to write your novel.

Your editors may have some requirements as to how you type your outline and what font and structure you must use. They will make that clear and you may even be given a document or PDF to follow, always assuming you have an editor from day one rather than deciding to use one before you finally publish.

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How To Write A Novel In 30 Days

It may seem impossible to write a novel in 30 days but that is not the case so long as you’re prepared to put some time aside each day to complete your dream. Because writing a novel is a bit like dreaming “in print”. Anything can happen in a novel: people can live happily ever after, the hero and heroine can meet up despite seemingly overwhelming odds (or not meet up if you’d prefer), it can be set at any time and in any place.

But you need some structure and some discipline if you’re going to write you novel in 30 days.

If you’re to stand any chance of completing your first (or next) novel within this time there are key tips to keep in mind which will help you in the process and will help make sure that this time it actually happens rather than letting the idea just rattle around your head, bugging you.

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Steps To Write Your Own Novel

If you have a talent for creating a great story and setting out a plot with interesting characters, then you might be interested to write your own novel. Not just write it, but actually get it published and out into the world. There are many ways you can do this and one of the most important things to remember is that you should always persevere.
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How To Begin To Write A Book

So you’re thinking of becoming a book writer? Even with the popularity of PDF files, there are still thousands who would love a good book. Just check out Amazon and how many people are ordering hard bounds and covers. However, you may not know how to get yourself started. The following tips on how to begin to write a book may come in handy then: Continue reading